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Contoh Soal Latihan Bahasa Inggris SMP Kelas VIII

I. Choose the best answer!
1. T: Everyone, …… I will explain the material.
S: Okay, Ma’am.
a. do you understand?         b. are you okay?
c. attention, please!             d. make a noise, please!
2. Dayu: Edo,……. to listen to my question?
Edo: I’m sorry, Dayu. Okay, I’m ready.
a. can you hear me?              b. look at me please!
c. are you ready?                    d. are you okay?
3. S: ….., Sir. May I wash my hands?
T: sure.
a. Excuse me                            b. Attention please
c. Look at me please           d. Hey!
4. A: You must count it first. ……….?
B: Yes, I understand.
a. Can you hear me?          b. Do you understand ?
c. What did you say?         d. Are you okay ?
5. A: You had read the novel. Do you understand the story?
B: Yes, I do. The story is exciting. The undrlined sentence is an expression of….
a. getting attention             b. asking opinion
c. showing appreciation   d. checking someone’s understanding
6. A: ……………. Vin Diesel’s newest movie?
B: I think it is great movie.
a. What do you think of    b. Do you understand
c. Do you like                           d. Don you think so
7. A: What do you think of our English teacher? B: ……………….. I like her very much.
a. She is our teacher            b. She is great
c. I think is’s easy                   d. I don know
8. A: Look at this, my uncle give me a new bag. B: …………… It is suitable for you.
a. It is easy                                b. He is very nice
c. I think so                               d. It is nice
9. A: I couldn’t see the Drama last night. ……….? B: Yes, I will. I’ll tell you the story .
a. Will you show me            b. Will you tell me the story
c. Will you listen to me      d. Will you come
10. Mother: Your bedroom is messy……..? Amar: Yes, I will.
a. Do you understand       b. Will you go away
c. Do you hear me               d. Will you clean it

II. Match With suitable Responds!

11. To check your understanding (…….)

12. To give  your Opinion   ( …….  )

13. To ask your opinion ( ….. )

14. To  show your appreciation ( ….. )

15.  To get an attention ( ….. )


A.    Whatt do you think of the Film

B.     I don’t think so he’s smart student

C.     Do you know what I mean ?

D.    Excuse me sir!

E.     Excellent that’s my student

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